2017 of Rie’s Poetic Mess

The world I see is plain
The everyday routine is sickening
The thought of ending
Is what I am waiting

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

I heard some people scared witless
Just from hearing it’s name
I however hoping for that day
It would end my life.
I had no attachment
Other than obligations
Had no ambition
To stay longer.

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

All my life I’ve been waiting
For someone, something, anything!
I know not
But I’ll know when I find it.

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

You just felt down
Sad not angry
Confused not lazing
Quiet not thinking

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

I’m in a sinking hole
Thinking should I crawl out of it?
But it’s impossible for one man task
Human is weak.. as I hug my knees

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

You often heard of word regret?
I always says I have none
Because I believe regret is something you won’t make second time
Even if I go back, I’ll still do it.
So where’s my regret if I don’t think I can prevent it?

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

Why haven’t you broke down yet?
I only need one more push

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

God is cruel
You had to work hard even if you want death
Because I believe I couldn’t take my own
Not because I’m scared but because I’m not allowed to.

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

My friend believe everyone has a destined partner.
I however convince her otherwise
Everyone had unpredictable time limit
Just as animals have
So if animals is hunt when they’re young and been left to a cage to adapt
How can you say every Man has a partner when they’re destined to never crossed?
Some Man doesn’t even wait for The One
There goes one less destined partner.

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

What you think of death?
Another beginning?
Or the end?
Or something else altogether?
There are people leaving right at this moment,
Some unfortunate accident, illness,
[choking on Shinee’s Jonghyun death, couldn’t finish this. RIP baby]

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

We are all carrying pain
Big to small
But you have to know
That pain could grow and evolve
Some people sees small as a nightmare
They ran but still they stumbled
If it’s too big
They readily leave.
Pained people rather do crazy thing
To get out or to forget.
No human did not struggle
Remember if they didn’t, they did once.

– Rie’s Poetic Mess

2018, Hoping you to be a good year finger crossed!


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